Corporate structure

TGE follows a corporate Structure as detailed hereunder.

The Management Team

The board of directors of the company and Project Director, General Manager, Operations Manager, Department Managers, Branch Manager and Project Managers form the core management group. Having years of experience behind them, clients can be assured that their requirements and objectives for projects of any size are guided at all stages by a team of highly capable and experienced professionals.

Finance Department

The Finance department managed by our experienced finance manger and Accountants, controls of finance, accounting and payroll procedures of the company and prepares the necessary documents and reports.

HR & Administration Department

The HR and Administration department is responsible for the implementation of management goals. Personnel and safety policy guidelines. Headed by the HR and Administration Managers supported by our Administration officers, the department plays an important role in the growth of the organization. The Administration team also includes Executive Secretaries responsible for processing all necessary company correspondence, documents, reports and submittals.

Public Relations Department

The public relations department plays an integral role in the growth and stability of the company. Headed by our public relations Manager and supported by a dedicated team of public relations Manager and supported by a dedicated team of Public Relation Officers, the department is responsible for all official organizational requirements dealing with public relations.

IT and Planning Department

The IT and planning department is responsible for the development and support of ERPL and other applications as well as the IT networks, it maintains a robust infrastructure to support the smooth operation of our permanent as well as the site offices at our various projects. The team provides in house support to our IT needs. Conscious of the added benefits to our environment, TGE rapidly moving in the field of automation and electronic management of information by investing in ERPL and other applications this department also implements the project controls for our various projects to follow up on their program and to ensure that our assignments are completed on time and within the budgets agreed with our clients.

Logistics Department

Headed by the Logistics Manager, the logistics department is responsible for managing all transportation, safety and tools requisition, security and accommodation needs for TGE. The department is supported by Logistics Supervisors assigned to each Site.

Procurement Department

The Procurement department is responsible for the supply chain of all our ongoing projects. Headed by the Procurement Manager, the department is supported by the Procurement officers, Storekeepers and Stores Support staff.

Projects Department.

The projects department is headed by the Operations Manger, project executing jobs including HVAC, Plumbing, Fire fighting, LPG Gas and Low-current systems the departments team also includes Project Engineers Site Engineers, Foreman, Team  Leaders, Technician and Helpers.
The projects department also includes QA/QC, Estimation, Safety, Contracts and design department.

Our Estimation department consists of a team of highly qualified Estimation Engineers and Business Development Representatives who are responsible for recommending to our clients the best possible solutions for their project needs

Another rapidly growing department in TGE the safety department which plays an important role to ensure the welfare of all our employees. With the growth that TGE currently experiencing in the market health & safety is essential to ensure high standards of customer service, employee moral as a well as economic and legal compliance

Our scope of work begins from checking the design and issuing the necessary shop drawings up to the full execution of site work, commissioning and maintenance until the final handover of the completed projects.